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Scientific Publications Winter 2018/19

Organizational Issues

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Markus GlaserProf. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer

Contact: Prof. Dr. Markus Glaser

Language: English/German

This course is usually split into four sessions and ends with student presentations. One session is chaired by an experienced editor of a top-tier journal. This "Meet the Editor" session may require some flexibility with regard to dates and times. Please check our website for short-term announcements.

Grading: Presentation of papers 

Dates and times winter term 2018/19

November 8, 2018 Prof. Glaser 9 am - 12 am Kaulbachstr. 45, room 202
November 15, 2018 Prof. Glaser 9 am - 12 am Kaulbachstr. 45, room 202
November 27, 2018 Prof. Kretschmer 9 am - 12 am Kaulbachstr. 45, room 202
December 5, 2018 Prof. Glaser
Prof. Kretschmer
9 am - 6 pm Kaulbachstr. 45, room 202

Course Overview

In this course, students are introduced to the “publication game”. The course deals with thoughts about how to generate research ideas and how to plan a research project, how to position a paper and how to manage the R&R process. The pros and cons of different publication strategies are discussed and compared to the recent development of the German university system and the worldwide job market. Students will also learn on which criteria editors and reviewers base their decisions about a submission. Thereby, the course helps to understand and to manage the publication process.


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